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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Go Hard Films stilldie: Felipe's rejected Month at the Museum video pitch (plus behind-the-scenes footage!)

Absolutely!Last month, I applied to live at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry for a month.  I would have had to do presentations and entertain patrons.  In exchange, I would've received $10 thousand, a new computer, and a video camera.  As part of my application, I had to make a one minute video pitch.

I did not get chosen.  But the pitch is here, after the jump, for all to enjoy.

Today in academia: the Hollywood blacklist didn't only affect those who were blacklisted

BlacklistOnly the most obvious thing in the world, but now we have a study to back it up:  researchers from Stanford, Emory, and the University of Chicago have confirmed and quantified the negative career  impact on people who were associated with anyone on the 1950's Hollywood communist blacklist.  So, shockingly enough, stigma is contagious.  From now on, if any of your friends is ever accused of something bad, change your number and run for the hills.